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Why proper A/C maintenance is important in Miami

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You live in Miami FL and you’d like to know why A/C maintenance is important for reasons other than the obvious. Everyone agrees it can get excessively hot down here but rarely do people realize the other factors involved that make A/C maintenance important for you and those who live under the same roof. What are these reasons? I’m about go over a couple of them below. They include mold buildup in your ductwork and material damage to excessive heat in your house.

Without A/C in your house you not only drive your family crazy with the Miami heat but you also create a perfectly habitable space for mold to grow in your air distribution. Mold in your A/C becomes a serious problem when your air conditioning does work again and mold spores fill your entire house. Mold can be harmful to your entire body and can cause serious health problem that if left untreated.

Another indirect way a broken down air conditioner can cause harm is by damaging materials that don’t do well in high temperatures such as plastics, semi-leather, etc… High temperatures on these materials causes irreparable damage over time and also leaks smells into your home that get caught in your fabrics and walls. If you go to work during the day and leave the A/C off this may be the reason this is happening. Keeping the A/C on during the day is not as costly as you may believe either. Simply closing the curtains around your home will keep your air cool and your home feeling fresh when you finally come home.

We have created a comprehensive list that you can use to keep your A/C in check year round and for years to come. Don’t risk having your A/C breakdown on you and having to deal with costly repairs that could have been avoided. Schedule A/C maintenance the recommended twice a year to keep things running smoothly. Regular maintenance will save you time and money in the future and lead to more peace of mind during the hot summer months here in Miami.

Laco Air Conditioning Maintenance provides this kind of preventative maintenance that will save you money down the road. When your A/C does breakdown eventually, we will take care of everything for you. Think of preventative maintenance in the same way as the preventative maintenance for your car. The same holds true for your air conditioner. How long would you run your car without checking/changing your oil?

Our Goal Here at Laco is:

With a Laco Air Conditioning Maintenance it’s about more than service… it’s about prevention. With typical service agreements, you pay money for priority service when there’s a problem. With Laco Air Conditioning Maintenance, you can prevent those problems from happening in the first place, and save money in the process. So in Miami, Pinecrest, or Coral Gables make Laco Air Conditioning your first option!

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