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Air Conditioning Company Miami
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Air Conditioner Repair Miami

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Is your AC blowing warm air? Is it not functioning properly?

Let one of our Air Conditioning repair experts take a look. Air Conditioning Repair Miami With over 30 years experience serving Miami in the brutal heat there is no one that knows air conditioning units better then Laco Air.

Living in Miami without air conditioning is like visiting Santa Claus without a coat. We can handle the worst you can possibly throw at us and have the people and tool necessary to get the job done. If you are looking for professional maintenance, repair, and installation men then you’ve found them. Go ahead and fill out the contact form to your right to get started!

Our air conditioning units are parallel to none and are made to combat the hot Miami air on a day to day basis.

Top 10 benefits of AC repair service with Laco Air Conditioning are:

1. “Professional service”                    6. Extend the life of system
2. “Immediate Response Time”       7. “Up front” flat rate pricing
3. 15% parts & labor discount          8. Lower your electric bills
4. Provides improved air quality     9. Consistent comfort
5. Fewer Costly breakdowns             10. Peace of mind

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