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How To Keep Your Home Cool In The Miami Summer Heat

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Sick and tired of the South Florida and Miami heat all day everyday? We have a couple tricks up our sleeve to keep your A/C running like it should and your home cool throughout the day. Lets talk about what can be done now.summer AC Maintenance Miami

So it’s your day off and your sweating like a dog at home. The A/C is set to 65 degrees but the air blowing out feels like 90 and doesn’t seem to be working properly at all. Is the thermostat broken? Possibly. Is the A/C broken? Possibly. What’s wrong, how do we fix it, how much will it cost, are all questions circling your worn out head.

Now that we’ve created that picture for you lets consider what can be done. A lot of other A/C companies would say you need to install a bigger more robust unit to handle the heat but here at Laco we believe in developing trust by saving you money and just being honest. Having been in the business for many years we have developed a couple tricks for keeping your unit running like it should. We have tips that will save you money and keep you happy and free of worry during the hot summer months. While we always recommend regular preventative maintenance at least twice a year there are other way to further ensure your homes A/C will work years into the future.

Step one: Close the curtains

You go to work in the morning and leave the A/C on to keep your home cool when you return. Little do you know that during that day while you are gone your house is turning into a greenhouse. The windows in each room are letting heat waves from the sun warm your rooms, and without proper circulation that hot air builds up uncontrollably. This causes your A/C to overwork while you are away burning up electricity and money.

Close your curtains before you leave and rest assured your electricity bill won’t be through the roof at the end of the month. Not only will you be saving money on electricity and helping the environment but you will be ensuring that your A/C will work like it should for years beyond what it would be otherwise. This is going to save you a lot of time and hassle.

Step two: Go easy on the A/C

Turning your air down to 50 degrees every time is gets mildly hot is a bit unnecessary. This will not necessarily make your house get cooler faster but will leave more room for error on your part if your air is left on in this position. Freezing out your A/C is a real problem here in Florida and we would hate for you to lose all your cool air for hours at a time when your A/C breaks down. Overworking your A/C is the number one problem A/C’s breakdown before they should.

Keep your air on at a manageable level at all times. Keeping a steady level going can be much more beneficial than doing sprints where your A/C has to over work itself.

Our Goal Here at Laco is:

With a Laco Air Conditioning Maintenance it’s about more than service… it’s about prevention. With typical service agreements, you pay money for priority service when there’s a problem. With Laco Air Conditioning Maintenance, you can prevent those problems from happening in the first place, and save money in the process. So in Miami, Pinecrest, or Coral Gables make Laco Air Conditioning your first option!

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