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Keeping your filters clean?

Regular air filter replacement is EXTREMELY important to any air conditioning system. Especially, if you have pets, like cats or doggies. If you do, you must inspect your filters (at least) every (2)two weeks, and replace them monthly. This is important for proper air flow,...

Why proper A/C maintenance is important in Miami

You live in Miami FL and you’d like to know why A/C maintenance is important for reasons other than the obvious. Everyone agrees it can get excessively hot down here but rarely do people realize the other factors involved that make A/C maintenance important for you and those who...
summer AC Maintenance Miami

How To Keep Your Home Cool In The Miami Summer Heat

Sick and tired of the South Florida and Miami heat all day everyday? We have a couple tricks up our sleeve to keep your A/C running like it should and your home cool throughout the day. Lets talk about what can be done now. So it’s your day off and your sweating like a dog at...
Why AC service

Why Perform an Air Conditioning Maintenance?

The #1 cause of system failure in Pinecrest, Coral Gables, Miami Air Conditioning is Lack of Maintenance. Today, Homeowners All Over Miami Run Their Air Conditioners More Than 3,000 Hours Annually This heavy demand along with the high temperature on your air conditioning unit...

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